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Rather than start from the beginning, we’ll pick up from where we are now at this current moment. It is 12/31/2021, and Bears Deluxe is beginning to make a name for itself in the world of Ethereum blockchain based NFT’s as members and bystanders far and wide help to do their part in chiseling away at thick ether walls in hopes of carving out our own little corner of the NFT space. Founded on innovation, comradery, and a desire to build something great, Bears Deluxe has been successful in deploying that of a “well oiled machine” which is their Honey Farm ecosystem.

At the time of writing, seven smart contracts working together to deliver a gamified experience like no other gives holders an addictive and exciting way to collect Bee and Bear NFTs while earning $HONEYD tokens daily just for owning the NFT’s. The appeal is the idea of passive earning, but more importantly the engagement of holders of $HONEYD token to use it for its intended purposes. Right now that purpose is to mint Bees Deluxe NFTs for 23 $HONEYD. Bears Deluxe (and Bees Deluxe holders too every time we reference Bears Deluxe) get excited knowing that the developers are constantly working on new and exciting and innovative ways to spend and utilize the $HONEYD token. With backgrounds in game development, the team promises to deliver playable metaverse experiences in addition to an entirely original RETRO ARCADE featuring nostalgic pixel games that will eventually offer elements allowing gamers to spend and earn $HONEYD!

There is a lot to learn about Bears Deluxe, and there are many ways for you to do so. First and foremost, head on over to the website where you can start from the beginning on the ‘about’ page. The next best thing you can do is join the Discord and ask questions! We are well known for our loyal, intelligent, and down right awesome community members who are available all hours of the day and night in text and voice channels. Jump in and ask questions. We’ll bring you up to speed at your own pace!

We will continue to post to Medium every time we make major announcements and achieve major milestones along our journey. We’ll summarize our voice recordings from our regular AMAs that can be found in our Discord server. Most importantly, we’ll do our part to keep holders and future holders engaged and on the front lines of all things BEARS DELUXE!!!





Bears Deluxe is a collection of 6,900 (nice) algorithmically generated 24px bears living on the Ethereum blockchain

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Bears Deluxe

Bears Deluxe

Bears Deluxe is a collection of 6,900 (nice) algorithmically generated 24px bears living on the Ethereum blockchain

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